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Vendor Company is committed to delivering high quality practical tools and accessible services for digital product ecommerce stores.

Vendor Company is an ecommerce management group that specializes in fantastic customer experience and easy to navigate ecommerce websites. Our team is dedicated to improving customer relations between the customer and the product vendor. We go above and beyond with product documentation and information transparency.

Our team researches and creates new ecommerce stores based on current trends and prior team member experiences. Once we have a stable idea for a product, we go ahead with product development. After the products are complete, an ecommerce website is made with a secure checkout system. From there we establish a documentation website with customer tutorials, frequently asked questions, and any legal documents required for the website. And finally we incorporate a customer support system, may that be live chat, ticket system, or an email form.

Another component of Vendor Company is acquiring pre-established ecommerce stores. We find stores that are having issues with marketing and selling their product, but still have a well established product set. Once an acquisition is made, the original storefront website will be replaced with our suite of services. This suite includes; a new brand identity, a new storefront website, incorporation of our secure checkout system, and a customer support system.

Our Brands

Turn your boring phone homescreen into your custom space! With lots of icon varieties and high quality icons, you will be customizing in no time!


Upgrade your plot world with pre-built plot roads! With this resource you can transform your server from a basic server to a unique one!


Want a quality logo but don't have a budget to have one made? Logo Eight is dedicated to providing high quality logos for just eight dollars!


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